March 24th 2020 | Central London

Conference Agenda


Registration, refreshments and networking - exhibition opens


Chair's introduction

Sam Trendall


Data and intelligence bridging Public and Private Sector: The partnership model



Plenary address
The Government digital transformation agenda: A look into the future


Opening Keynote
Responsible technology for a fair, inclusive and thriving democratic society


Stream1: Digital Leadership & Skills

Stream2: AI and Automation 

Stream3: Cloud & Procurement


Panel discussion
Driving a digital culture in and beyond your organisation

- Organisational transformation: what it is, what it is not and how to spot the difference
- Financial and operational efficiencies: value-generating infrastructures and the challenge of real-time change

Panel discussion
Public sector AI: to automate or not to automate?

- Driving digital transformation thorough AI
- Cost strategy vs value strategy
- Where should you invest?

Panel discussion
Buying and selling on the Digital Marketplace: delivering services and value

- From cloud first to hybrid first
- G-Cloud: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?
- Hybrid IT deployments in the public sector




Public Technology in bites
Shared services: making it accessible 

Public Technology in bites
Chatbots: How is AI changing customer services?

Public Technology in bites
G-Cloud: the new generation


Networking break - exhibition open


Panel discussion
Meeting the user’s need: accessibility and empathy

- Using technology to attract and retain a diverse workforce
- Services transformation: meeting the user needs inside and outside your organisation

Panel discussion
Optimising AI’s full potential: Ensuring open and structured data

- Breaking the barriers: the public and private sectors partnership
Turning round underutilised data
Protecting sensitive data

Panel discussion
The great SME G-Cloud sales slowdown?

- Tackling the barriers to procurement processes in the public sector
- Delivering change which supports smaller businesses to grow and succeed


Panel discussion
Sustainable services: harnessing technology for a greener organisation

- Working smarter and greener
- Organisational digital transformation and sustainability: what is your potential? 

Panel discussion
AI & Cyber: an ever-evolving secure network

- AI for a constantly evolving cyber secure network
Will AI mitigate against the weakest part of the chain, people?


Panel discussion
Private and Public Clouds: is it just a matter of security?

- Pros and cons of different type of cloud
- The what’s in it for the public sector
- Data protection



The Public Technology debate
Not afraid to fail: tackling a culture of risk-averse ideas

The Public Technology debate
The Ethics of AI: tackling bias (inside and outside your organisation)

The Public Technology debate
The Ethics of Data






Networking lunch - exhibition open

Stream1: Digital Leadership & Skills

Stream2: AI and Automation 

Stream3: Cloud & Procurement





Public Technology in bites
Using location data in tackling ethnic disparities

Public Technology in bites
Living a dual life in tech

Supporting the next generation in AI

- Public sector data science and AI capability
Building the most digitally skilled populations of civil servants in the world

Public Technology in bites



Panel discussion
Digital Skills Partnerships

- Closing the talent gap
- Collaboration: the regional and national landscape
- Nurturing and enhancing digital skills

Panel discussion
Smart cities: the new normal?

- AI, IoT, 5G
- Connectivity, transportation, sustainability
- Technology as the great equalizer
- The critical importance of private sector finance


Panel discussion
Public e-procurement, centralized purchasing or framework agreements: what’s in it for you?

- the value for money bridge between buyers and sellers
- transparency, access and best practice


Networking break - exhibition open



Plenary Room
Closing Keynote 



Chair's closing remarks

Sam Trendall


Conference and exhibition close